I want a facial moisturizer that will make my dry or combination or mature or oily skin glow!

Do any of these apply?  You want

FACE GLOW TALLOW BALM: Bergamot & Rose Geranium

My number one best seller right now. It smells so great. Its whipped and light yet rich and luxurious. Cleanse your face, pat dry, apply some rosewater or witch-hazel toner and then a bit of this moisturizer and you’ll never look back.

My hands and cuticles are messed up from farming, gardening, washing dishes, windburn, manual labor, or anything else.  

Do any of these apply?  You want


Maximum calming, hydrating, soothing properties for your rough, cracked, calloused, messed up hands.  Essential oils of frankincense and lavender offer a spicy, earthy, slightly floral scent.  Its subtle, don't worry.  They also have calming properties for those hardworking hands.  Before bed, or anytime, wash and dry your hands and apply while still slightly damp.  Massage in and let the magic begin.   

I want a balm that is easy to spread, smells subtly fresh, and can be used as a multipurpose hand, body and face moisturizer.  

Do any of these apply?  You want


Fresh, uplifting, piney. A little still goes a LONG way....warm between your palms and then massage onto body and face for soft skin without that greasy feel.